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In March and April, my family and I traveled to Nepal to build a home for a family, who lost their's in the earthquake last year. It was the most breathtaking, life-changing experience for all of us.  Most importantly, it was life-changing for the deserving family, who would soon have a home again.  The story behind this journey is a bit long, but thanks to the generosity and belief of our friends and family and the kindness of strangers on Go Fund Me, we raised enough money to build the entire home!  The highlight for us was the AMAZING, kind people of Nepal- adults and children alike.   In the above video, the children in the neighborhood where we are building the house, share a beautiful Nepali song about wishing to fly to each mountain top.  (As you know, Mt. Everest is in Nepal!)  When I played this video for my sweet Kinderdancers, you could have heard a pin drop.  Their eyes were glued to the dear Nepali children, who sang with joy and peace.

Miss Kira goes to Nepal